Solo Album #3

Jason today posted on his Instagram that he’s working on a solo record with some old demoes: Butterfly and Eighties are both mentioned. Exciting times!

@robert yes it is exciting! though I hope it’s not too overproduced like Along The Way.

I wonder if we only get those two songs or will there be more reworked old demoes. It’d be epic if we can get Climb and Winds of Change too.

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@snowfist Agreed - these are sacred recordings, it takes a lot to improve upon them :grin:

I would love a Demos Vol.2 release sometime soon too! So many old tunes we know about but never heard… White Witch, Porcelain Mask, Dear Mr. Tumnus, the full Song for Pete, Tired of Waiting, etc etc. Would be pretty cool to get those eventually!

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Wow, this is amazing news! The first time I ignored one of Jason’s Instagram notifications… serves me right lol

Eighties is easily my favorite b-side so it’ll be interesting to see what he does with it. Haven’t heard much about Garden of the Sun so I wonder if they just finished that and are moving on to this.

Edit: Steve just announced a new solo album “Waiting Room” and OZWALD just shared a snippet of a song titled “For Your Horse”.


@shawn Nice, this is awesome… the more J, ØZ, and SS music the better. After Future Wars I’m very excited for this new LP; one of my favourite releases so far this year.

@Robert Same here! Future Wars seemed to get a lot of positive feedback from what I could see. It definitely seemed to catch more attention than the regular Oz LPs.

I tried to get into Steve’s debut but haven’t gotten into it yet. I try again every now and then when I’m in the mood. I’ll definitely give his follow up a listen though.

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