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I didn’t mean to sound too harsh on Almeria. There’s a lot of great sound there but I think, as you said, lyrically it’s quiet here. Nobody Listen was the most ironic title in my opinion - it’s my least favorite of them.

I’ll be honest, I have touched that record in years. I should give it a spin and see if my tastes have changed at all!

Lifehouse still does an occasional show but I think all the set backs over their career might have contributed to their interests in other projects. I would absolutely love to see another record and I desperately hope I’m wrong about it.

Maybe @robert can save us from ourselves haha

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Hahaha. You know it’s funny, Pins & Needles is my least favourite Lifehouse song :wink: (maybe tied with Had Enough or Falling In).

I highly doubt we’ll get another Lifehouse album in the next five years. Goodbye Kanan was written with Winnie in 2017 as far as I can tell, meaning it would predate any ØZWALD stuff… so effectively it’s been six years since the band really worked on material. In that time Jason has released two solo albums, three solo EPs, seven Oz albums, and two Oz EPs. That’s basically 12 albums worth of content, including the Beatles covers!

I see them continuing work and maybe one day coming back, but with Bryce having a blast with RadioXX, Oz and solo work for J and Steve, and Ricky session drumming with big names, I can’t say that I see a pull for them to make more of that music. Jason isn’t really that person these days either:) LH is no longer his only outlet for music, and he resonates more with what his other projects “allow” him to release.

As for Almería, I’m actually a bigger fan of the record than S&M. I know it’s a controversial opinion :wink: but I think they took more risks and it paid off in the arrangements. BTR, Slow Motion, and RotS are three of my favourite-sounding songs the band has released to date, and Barricade is an all-time favourite as well. Right Back Home is also the first Lifehouse song with a proper guitar solo - super cool.

The album is obviously an outlier and has several tracks that felt a bit unfinished (Lady Day, the aforementioned Pins, Where I Come From, even some parts of Aftermath) and lyrically it’s not as deep as the first four albums (or OOTW), but I find myself coming back to it more than several of their records for some reason. Maybe it’s the novelty? I find the tracks that are less interesting lyrically (Gotta Be Tonight, Nobody Listen, Only You’re the One) still feel fresher than All In, Had Enough, and some of the other more derivative songs on S&M, even Halfway Gone.

I also think that the trademark hopefulness that makes every good Lifehouse song was more present on Almería than S&M. Pins seems like a Smoke & Mirrors outtake, being angry and bitter like Had Enough / Halfway / Nerve Damage / HTGT / Wrecking Ball, which the band had never done before for the most part (Better Luck wasn’t romantic). The only other non-hopeful song was Nobody Listen, which was more of a neutral commentary. Otherwise the hope was present throughout:)


Anyone know why we are not getting a new LH album? Have they given Up? I have seen this time and time again. They start to change the way they do their first few albums and when ppl get less interested bcuz they don’t like it the band just gives up instead of going back to what made them big in the first place. It’s like a betrayal. You fall in love with a band, support them, buy their albums and attend their concerts and they change for the worst and refuse to go back.

Hey chill man. They don’t owe the fans new album to begin with. Also, you can always listen to Jason’s solo albums, which few of them are written for Lifehouse anyway. And I don’t know about you, but there are so many albums/b-sides/acoustics/live/covers/ unreleased from them that you can now enjoy.


@Findingmyway We’re pretty laid back around here, but please don’t keep posting the same thing in multiple threads.

hey guys, looking through discogs and i found this

not sure if thats a real cd or it must have been a download once you pay type of thing i always liked bootleg cds but if it has its official tracks then its a no no, no wonder it got taken off of discogs i would have definitely bought it if it had unreleased studio tracks btw that track list on the bottom is just Rare & Unplugged and i already have that lol

It’s fake. I Miss You and Bliss are not even Lifehouse songs.

I’ve seen something like this pop up on Discogs from Russia, too.

I’ve added all official releases to the main LHF site under Lyrics, including bonus/b-sides.

Still haven’t gotten singles added but I’ll get there one day. Hopefully lol

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Hey guys turns out I have the real blyss diff’s lucky day CD according to a Guy in the Lifehouse Facebook group that CD is not a fake well from what this guy said it’s weird that this guy has the same exact cppy of it but the only suspicious thing is his first post is about the CD and he asked this question

“How hard it is to get blyss pre Lifehouse?” Even tho he already owns a copy of it.

I forgot to mention if this is violating someone’s privacy then any admin or mod can delete this post I wasn’t thinking when I posted this just wanted to let everyone know.

Don’t know what to tell you here but I find it hard to believe.

I purchased a copy from a guy that was selling a few copies from his site for $75 back in the early 2000s and it didn’t have either “Pre-Release” nor “Special Collectors Edition”. I got it signed by Jason in Boston in 2005.

I stupidly sold it to a fan on the previous lh-bsides forum but maybe one day they’ll see this message and post a picture.

This guy i really wish he was here to see my content i honor this man because he’s the one who got me interest into all of the Live Show stuff but he did a good karaoke of lifehouse’s hit single hanging by a moment https://youtu.be/uGCwz-uaAgY?si=WRvIkuGOEn-U6lE1