2023 Thread Discussion

Hey guys, not too late to wish you guys Happy New Year right?

Anyway, what are you hoping to see from Lifehouse, ØZWALD and Jason this year?

ØZWALD gonna release an album this year. Definitely looking forward to that. After their Future Wars EP, I’m excited to see what sound they gonna explore next.

Also, I really wish to see Jason next album to release this year too. Especially after he said that there will be new versions of Butterfly and Eighties. And also hoping to see another demo album too.

While for Lifehouse? I don’t know if they are still active anymore but it’d be a pleasant surprise to see if they release another EP like Goodbye Kanan.


Happy new year Snowfist et al.!! Hope you all had some time to rest or treat yourselves well over the last few weeks.

I think 2023 will be a good year in the JW/OZ/SS camp. Definitely expecting Garden of the Sun to come out, as well as Jay’s next solo record. Lifehouse I don’t really expect since Goodbye Kanan is so old — they said it predates Ozwald and I was under the impression Jason wrote and recorded much of it with Winnie in 2017. I remember him saying that after sessions for “another project”, they would go late at night and record Winzlo for fun, so that would put it in early ‘17 if GK was that project. In my mind LH has been inactive for about five years so who knows.

Future Wars was my favourite set of songs from Ozwald (along with Sweet Delirium) so hoping for more of that. Their music has really grown on me lately though — find myself putting on Artificial Odyssey more and more, and Young Suburban Minds lives in my car CD player a lot of the time too. Fingers crossed for more goodness!

J recording old music is interesting, especially that clip of Wash. Who knows what’ll happen… I fully expect this year to have a lot of solo stuff which I’m really excited for :slight_smile:


I finally have gotten this rare gem!
It’s the pre-releaee special collectors edition
And the price is kinda reasonable for how rare it is
The cost of this was 96$

I still am searching for the Geffen records version of it if that even exist.

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Wow, incredible find Jonathan! That’s something really special. You should be proud of having it :blush:

Not sure that Geffen ever released a version of it — my understanding is that Lifehouse wasn’t involved with them until 2004 when they funded the self-titled album’s recording. Perhaps Dreamworks, when they briefly changed the name to “Bliss”?

Would love to see a photo of the back cover and liner notes / disc… always wondered what they look like :stuck_out_tongue:

Ermm guys… I noticed Out of The Wasteland is no longer on streaming services. I checked Spotify, YT Music and Tidal. Is this just temporary or will this be forever? :pensive: That album is one of my absolute fav, gutted to see it’s not readily available

Happy New Years everyone! Last year was relatively quiet on all fronts so I too am thinking we’ll see JW and OZ at least. I’m super pumped for Jay’s record and I would love to see a second Demos Vol but he hasn’t brought it up in a few years so I’m not holding my breath on that. I’d also love to see more Future Wars-style tracks and the long-awaited Garden of the Sun record.

@JonathanDisarray1 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if that DLD copy says “Geffen”, “Pre-Release” or “Special Collectors Edition” on the disc, it’s a counterfeit. They’ve popped up from time to time and I even fell for it myself on eBay just last week (same price) but caught it in time to cancel. When they toured for the self-titled record in 2005, I asked Jason if they would ever re-record/re-release DLD. He said that him and E (Ean Mering) were playing around with some of those songs but that’s it. DLD was never commercially released nor was it ever released by a label. I had an original copy in the early-00s before foolishly selling it and have tried getting it back ever since (would love a CD rip in FLAC!).

@snowfist I checked Deezer and it doesn’t show up under their discography but I did find it by searching. However, the release date is 12/31/13 which is a bit early lol

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so my copy is a bootleg lol i mean at least it has a working disc and it has its cover art btw i will show you a picture of the disc

The Disc

its not Geffen i did not say it was Geffen

Ah sorry, read your post wrong. But yes, that is a counterfeit. The CD is a burned disc of the MP3s circulating online.

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hey shawn by the way have you read my reply in Live shows download links?

about what you said
well mom won’t be happy paying 96 for it imo that guy should be kicked off for selling something that was never published but oh well let him do what he likes selling things i guess

If you paid using PayPal, open a claim. People like that won’t stop taking advantage of others unless they’re stopped.

Jumping over to your other post…

I see it on Spotify up here in Canada!

i can’t seem to get in touch with this guy hope he’s alright he’s the one who made me a Lifehouse fan and Vertical Horizon

He might not use his account much these days. You can contact me on YT or FB but I don’t use them so I would never reply lol

I checked through what I have and I think I got myself confused. I have the Rock AM Ring concert from 2003 in its entirety - DVD quality as well as the VH1 unplugged set. I don’t have the video for Pinkpop 2003 anymore. I had that one a decade ago but it was likely lost to time. It’s available (or was?) on YT but the quality is pretty much garbage from what I recall. Sorry to disappoint! Maybe Rock AM Ring is of interest? Same year, similar set. Serge is there as well as Sean.

i mean thats fine you can give me rock am ring

i happen to had house of blues Cleveland OH 2005-05-07 will post it on the archive . org later

hey there shawn have you had any time to give me Rock Am Ring 2003 i’m really curious what that show was i’m almost running out of shows to upload can you give me everything you have or just the ones i don’t have? also do you have LH VH1 Unplugged 2?

i mean shawn and everyone might already know but for me i don’t i thought i had every early show but i’m wrong i found out about it here Lifehouse 2002-10-13-St.James Theatre- Auckland, New Zealand

limonmalina Link info about the album no download tho

also rock am ring was there too

Scrolling through my IG, and I saw Bryce’s profile no longer mentioned he’s playing bass for Lifehouse. Sure, Lifehouse has been on a hiatus for a quite a while now, but somehow I see Lifehouse won’t return. And it also ties up with now Jason opened up catalogue of old record, unreleased demo with the Time Machine.

What do you guys think? I myself, had still hope since they release the Goodbye Kanan EP. I always see them releasing that EP to gauge whether there is still interest for new music from Lifehouse. I’m happy to be wrong though, because while Jason’s and Ozwald’s songs are great, they just don’t hit quite like Lifehouse’s songs.

I’ve long thought that OOTW was the final Lifehouse record. Between Almeria (the only album I never found a “good” song on - aside from Pins and Needles), the cancelled Almeria tour and the subsequent cancelled OOTW tour; it felt as if they kind of just decided to do their own thing but never officially disbanded.

As we see with a lot of bands from the early 2000s, never say never. Several bands I used to follow have since gotten back together and released new music, though not quite the same. It’s possible Lifehouse could do something again but I think everyone is just busy on their own thing these days.

Goodbye Kanan never gave me hope and further solidified my belief that OOTW was likely the final album. It felt too much like Ozwald with the only predominantly Lifehouse-sound left for the title track.

They haven’t done a tour since 2019’s Greatest Hits tour. I was at the Boston show and they seemed to enjoy themselves but it also felt very… scripted? There just wasn’t much natural interaction with the crowd, no stories about the tour or the songs, etc.

I really like J’s solo stuff. It’s definitely not Lifehouse, but his voice and songwriting skills are my absolute favorite so I’ll take what I can get. The raw sound from DLD, NNF and SCF will always be favorite, part of that being “right place, right time”… NNF was - and still is - the best album I’ve ever heard.

Sorry, getting off topic again with my nostalgia… I’m starting to feel old at 34 :sweat_smile:

Hey didn’t know we’re the same age! Haha but yeah I feel you. I have mixed emotion on Almeria, sonically - I think it’s refreshing to listen to, there are interesting layers although I gotta say there are parts where it’s too polished. But lyrically, it’s such a let down. Oh well.

I considered myself to be a super fan when their self-titled album came out, thanks to You & Me being a big hit in Malaysia. From there, I explored their catalogue and fell in love with NNF and SCF and the b-sides songs. And due to that, I think I’m more open in terms of them having different sound.

And I don’t know if this make sense, but I still Lifehouse has more tricks up their sleeves. There are genre or new sound that I think Lifehouse can go into. That’s just me though.

And yeah like you said, we’re now living in an era where early 2000s bands that have disbanded / in hiatus making a comeback i.e. Blink 182, Yellowcard, Matchbox Twenty - to name a few. Or maybe I’m just jealous with Switchfoot, a band that very much similar in many ways with Lifehouse, but are still going strong. Granted, there are many factors at play but what could’ve been…

I guess a total of seven albums and an EP are the final number. That said, this Time Machine project is something I’ve wished for long and hoping there will be so many songs in there. Definitely enjoying these 4 exclusives we’ve gotten so far.

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