Any William Clark Green fans here?

WCG just released his fifth (and best!) studio album titled “Baker Hotel”. I would say it’s a mix of country and southern rock. Not the typical mainstream country sound though.

When it comes to album art, his take the cake. Seriously creative, beautiful, storytelling artwork.


“Gun to Your Head”, “Give a Damn”, “All You Got” and “Leave Me Alone” are just a few of my favorite tracks on the album.

The title track is a fun song about the abandoned Baker Hotel which is located in Mineral Wells, TX. Another stand out song is “Dog Song”. Not my favorite on the record but it’s definitely a good laugh. As the owner of two dogs, I can empathize with some of the shenanigans.

His Live albums are really good also and he shares stories behind several of the songs.

Ringling Road and Hebert Island are my favorite as far as album art go: