Artificial Odyssey

What are everyone’s thoughts?

My second favourite album from them after Head Movies. Favourites - More of the Same, It Never Hurts, Fall, Fall, Fall, Geppetto and Frankly Valley.

Lab Rats took me by surprise on my first listen. Love the guitar tone in this one.

I’ve listened to it twice so far and I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge ØZWALD fan overall but I do like several of the songs on AO and Fall, Fall, Fall is my favorite ØZWALD track right now.

As far as this particular record goes (in no particular order), Arthur Ingram, More of the Same, Lab Rats and Fall, Fall, Fall are all excellent tracks IMO. I’m sure with more listens that this record will grow on me quickly and might become my favorite of theirs.

The instrumentation on Lab Rats is really fun and that guitar is sweet…

Arthur Ingram is a good musically and lyrically. I’m curious to the reference of Arthur Ingram, which from what I can tell was an investor/financial person back in the late 1500s. I can’t make out all the lyrics but perhaps once the band post them it’ll connect the dots.

More of the Same is a great song, especially lyrically. I’m kind of in that position with work now so it feels good to listen to someone else and the freedom of breaking that cycle in the last verse.

Fall, Fall, Fall reminds me a bit lyrically of Polaroid and musically of From Where You Are and as a whole, a bit of “Windows” too. It’s really a superb song.