"Dragonflies" lyrics now up!

I've tried a few times unsuccessfully to make out the lyrics to "Dragonflies" but gave it another shot with some new AI software to extract the vocal track from the song. There's still a few parts I couldn't make out so if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the forum.

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Was just listening to Dragonflies for the first time in a minute and totally got one of the lines in the second verse. Have a listen and tell me if you hear “and we outgrew our dreams” – I think this is it!

You totally nailed it. Nice job! I just put it on and it’s clear as day now. Go figure! lol

Edit: Updated the lyrics on the main site

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Nice! I think the following line is “now we are nomads, we are alone” but not too sure of it… feels like something he’d write though haha.

One day hopefully we’ll get an acoustic version or something to answer these questions. I’ve come around on the song since it was first released – the ambiguity is somewhat endearing

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