Favourite Part of a Song

Hey hey. Saw this post somewhere on Reddit. And I thought it’d be fun to discuss this. What would your favourite part of a Lifehouse song? It can be from your fav songs, or even song that you might not necessarily like but just for that particular part. These are some of mine:

  1. The guitar solo after the bridge of Cling & Clatter
  2. The beginning of Breathing
  3. Anchor guitar solo
  4. Bass on Blind
  5. Disarray last chorus (it sounds like it all coming together)
  6. Drums all throughout on Bridges
  7. Between The Raindrops guitar solo
  8. Right Back Home guitar solo
  9. Snooker sound effect on Always Somewhere Close (haha idk how else to describe it, but it definitely sounds like snooker balls being hit)

I have much more, but I thought I’m just gonna share these 9 to start. How about you guys?


Oooh, what an interesting question… I have a lot of those little moments in songs that I love… it’s like you listen to the song and you get to that part and you just sigh from happiness
1. The piano ending of Trying
2. Like I mentioned in the other thread, I love the parts in Dragonflies where the vocals get extra distorted and hard to discern… I just love how those moments sound, and the song is even more fun to listen to now that I’ve given my brain something that those lines could possibly be, even though it’s probably wrong
3. Chorus of Firing Squad
4. The two times in Only One when Jason sings “I guess you’re the only what who/that will never change faces”… those lyrics are just really powerful for me (but so is the whole song… definitely my favorite). I remember when I first listened to this song and those words got stuck in my head. I also love the parts throughout the song with the electric guitar riff.
5. In Better Luck Next Time, when he goes super high on the “around” (I love listening to live versions of this song for this reason and it’s also super fun to sing along to)… also the lyrics of the bridge are amazing.
6. All the guitar work in Cling and Clatter, and the lyrics of the bridge (I especially love the way he pronounces the word “dolls”)
7. Intros to Unknown and Somebody Else’s Song
8. The alarm sound present in the background of the majority of Quasimodo
9. I love how Am I Ever Gonna Find Out just starts immediately without any introduction
10. Intro to Spin (I mean, who wouldn’t love that?), it’s so fun to play on guitar
11. Chorus of Empty Space, I love the progression of “you’re beautiful… confusing… illogical… amazing…”
12. Intro to Walking Away is pure bliss (no pun intended) for my ears.
13. I love the background guitar work in Come Back Down, especially in the chorus. It’s so fun to focus on the guitar in that song.
14. The peaceful guitar strumming in the beginning of All In All is so nice and fits the tone of the lyrics really well.
15. The moment the drums come in at the beginning of The Joke.
16. Fairy Tales and Sand Castles (still not sure what the actual correct name is for that song) when Jason sings “on and on and on he goes” for the second time and the “he goes” is lower, it feels weird but also so correct for some reason
17. The first few sentences of Somewhere in Between, when Jason’s voice sounds like he’s super excited, like he’s about to laugh and cry at the same time from excitement/joy and trying to sing through it but his voice keeps getting slightly higher pitched.
I could go on forever (especially if I were to do this for Øzwald too) but I’ll stop here :smile:


Oh this is a very fun idea.

Come Back Down has two curious but awesome production quirks that I just love. One is the little high note before the second and final choruses, almost like a connection issue but it sounds so cool. The second is that the shaker, present though the whole song, doesn’t come in until the 0:39 mark mid-bar. Really builds the song in a unique way.

The little bouncing notes in the chorus of Walking Away (1:17). Beautiful and make the song so much more lonely.

When the lead guitar and strings come in for the first chorus of TMA Acoustic, and again when the final chorus changes lead guitar melody and goes down.

The bridge of How Long, where Jason does his ooohs and they get more falsettoey. Also the ending with just an acoustic guitar.

The famous romaine being cracked on every snare hit in Quasimodo. Just such a cool production bit Ron Aniello did there.

The way that, if you turn the volume up during the fade the end of Breathing, you can hear the song end.

Ben’s cool baritone guitar at the end of BTR.

J’s falsetto in Firing Squad: “rooftop and my brain”

The instrumental intro to Yesterday’s Son, and the drums and horns in the bridge.

All of Jason’s backing vocals in Somewhere In Between.

The way Somebody Else’s starts with the guitar panned to one side for one bar.


Love the way you describe his voice on SIB. Exactlyyyy what I think, he sounds so excited and innocent!

Also the live bridge of BLNT is crazy with those falsettos:)

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