Garden of the Sun (ØZ 7)

Long time all,
Yesterday Jason announced online the title for the seventh (!!) Øzwald record, ‘Garden of the Sun’. The album art is being designed by collage artist Inga Markstrom. No further information at this time… I like this title!

Absolutely wild that once this comes out, there will be as many Lifehouse albums as there are Øzwald albums. I’m much more into most of the Lifehouse stuff than I am into the duo stuff, but I must admit that I listen to my least-favourite LH records less than I listen to my favourite Øz albums. Curious to see where they take this.

They’ve also announced a double album, which will be a compilation of Beatles covers: ‘OZWALD Sings the Beatles, vol i & ii’. All the songs they’ve released so far will be included, as well as several new ones. Jason’s been into this stuff for over 20 years so it only makes sense that this is the platform by which tribute can be paid… I’d love to see an Elliott Smith cover album next :wink:

@robert +1 to all of that- especially some Elliott Smith tunes!

That’s pretty crazy! I was just thinking about this last night in fact. They’ve got 6 records done so far which in a traditional release cycle is ~12 years worth of music.

Artificial Odyssey is easily my favorite ØZWALD record to date, though I’m not a huge fan of most of the others (Sweet Delirium was the only other I really enjoyed). I’m interested to see how Garden of the Sun stacks up with the rest of their discography.