Goodbye Kanan

New EP Goodbye Kanan is out now, featuring six new tracks.


  1. Cut & Run
  2. Dragonflies
  3. Static
  4. En Rogue
  5. Chester Copperpot
  6. Goodbye Kanan

What are everyone’s thoughts? Any favorite tracks? My favorite is definitely the title track, “Goodbye Kanan”. It has that traditional Lifehouse sound with a smash of a finish!

Without question Goodbye Kanan is my favourite of this lot too. En Rogue is up there too, but too muddy for me not to be distracted by the mixing (like the other songs). I have to say that this is one of the biggest departures in sound they’ve ever done… from Wasteland to this is almost like S&M to Almería in my mind. Very creative sonic explorations.

Goodbye Kanan feels like quite a release – the first time I heard it and it got to that second chorus, and the guitar didn’t ring out during the “kanan” in “And it’s goodbye… goodbye, Kanan”, all of instrumentation completely went silent and it was like the calm before the storm and I just knew, knew something big was coming. Was this the biggest ending to a Lifehouse song yet? Easily as explosive as Everything.

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Yep, definitely got the “Everything” vibe as well with that explosive ending. I got chills the first time I heard that track which doesn’t happen very often. Definitely a permanent favorite!

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@shawn Love this LP. Yes the muddy mixing is unfortunate, but I get used to it now haha. My picks from this bunch are Cut & Run, Static and Goodbye Kanan. I believe Dragonflies would sound wonderful in acoustic.

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@snowfist I found myself with Dragonflies stuck in my head one day. I had no idea at the time it was Dragonflies but when I realized it was, I knew I would love the song if I could make out the lyrics. Hopefully they’ll release that acoustic version Jason mentioned back over the summer some day.

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Love love love the track Goodbye Kanan. Has a great build up for me and it just checks all the boxes for what I love about Lifehouse.

Absolutely agree. Welcome, Jessi!