Has anybody heard of the band Vertical horizon?

To me VH is my favorite band along side Lifehouse their songs are amazing i love their everything you want and Go and Burning the days albums they also made Echo’s from the underground plus the lost mile

my favorite songs are
When you cry
I’m still here
better when you are not there
One time around
Might as well be you
everything you want
we are
and much more

whats your favorite album or song love to know your thoughts!

Hey Jonathan, I’m a huge VH fan! Matt’s voice and songwriting have long been some of my favourite in the world of rock. My favourite song by them is definitely Forever, which iTunes Genius (an old feature of the iTunes store, where it would look at the songs you bought and suggest others to buy – an early take on Spotify so to speak) recommended to me about fifteen years ago. Might As Well Be You… that’s an incredible one too. Such a shame it wasn’t released on Go officially – I only came across it a couple years back and it’s already one of my favourites.

Have you ever looked into their older folk music? Man Who Would Be Santa, Sunrays & Saturdays, The Unchosen One, and Falling Down are my faves from that period. The ‘Live Stages’ album is probably my favourite release of theirs, tied with Echoes from the Underground.

Echoes is a near-perfect rock album in my eyes. The final five songs might be my favourite ‘final five’ tracks on any album I’ve heard to date: the progression of Consolation - Lovestruck - Frost - I Free You - South for the Winter gives me chills every time I hear it. Absolutely artful, masterful music. Frost is in my top five songs by them for sure; any Lifehouse fan should absolutely hear it!

Glad to know I’m not the only crossover fan here:)

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Adding this here :wink:

This song feels quite Jasoney to me

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