Is there a way to enhance the audio of the Live Concerts

not sure if this will be offtopic or not but i am really curious if there’s a easy way to enhance audio quality some guy on youtube did the same for pink pop 2003 remastered otherwise i would not mind making the audio quality more like pink pop… but i already tried to convert to flac but not so much different… i mean i don’t mind the way they are but i thought i could do something special

if you can help thank you!

Hey Jonathan,

Converting a file can only ever lessen quality, never increasing it. Once it’s been converted to a lower bitrate, that extra data is lost.

That being said, you could use an application (Audacity) to apply some EQ settings to try and cleanup the sounds a little bit. I used to do that when trying to figure out lyrics on some of the live demos.

You’ll only see small improvements this way though. I don’t know of any other way without having the master tracks.

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