Its me Jonathan i have something i want to share with you

okay first let me explain i tried to make a account on my main email address and it would not send the activation due to space lost on my gmail account so i used my 2nd one so i’m very sorry about that

but since its my first time being here i don’t know or understand how this forum site works with rules and its layout i’m used to pro boards and basic forum makers but if you are interest come join here

no members yet but i wanted to start my own lifehouse community but its hard because i can’t find people to join it but my forum also covers Dave Matthews Band and shinedown Daughtry and much more and maybe vertical horizon

in my forum we archive things download links for live shows tours concerts also i’m very new here i just so you know and greetings

Hey Jonathan, welcome to the new board!

You’re welcome to post your link here but you’re going to have a tough time getting new members because people are much more social media focused for this kind of stuff these days.

I ran a poll on our last community (the one you posted to the other day) and only 7 people responded (out of 640 registered members). The original community at had over 2,000 members back in ~2004/2005 and when that site shut down in 2006, Koen launched a new community on ProBoards (Lifehouse B-Sides) which only picked up just over 600 members.

I launched this community (and website) back at the end of 2021 to modernize it and try to bring back the “Lifehouse hub” that once was back in the early 00s and also because Koen hasn’t been back to the forum in years.

Our awesome moderator (and Lifehouse guru!) @robert took the helm at the last community but I was concerned about longevity because of Koen’s absence so we setup shop here. It’s been 10 months since the move and we’ve only picked up roughly a dozen members.

Activity on the boards usually picks up around tour/album cycles but Lifehouse has been on an unofficial hiatus for awhile, rarely playing shows since each member is working on other projects.

You’re always welcome to stick around here and you’re free to post about other music (or anything else) here in the lounge.

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