Jason’s Manila concert

Just saw the show finished!! Anybody go to see it!? This is his first ever solo concert… very curious the set list. Looks like he and Steve had a great time:)

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Hey, I was there and just couldn’t believe Jason sang right in front of me. Absolutely surreal gig, his vocals were top notch and way too many nostalgic feelings creeping in. People you’ve lost since you last heard a song, people you’ve met through a particular song that has changed your life. Jason and Steve played a tremendously beautiful, poignant show.

Some 25 songs in total (with a few redacted verses)

from the set list (tq audio guy!) and played list as below:

  1. Somewhere in between

  2. First Time

  3. Halfway Gone

  4. Sick Cycle Carousel

  5. You Belong to Me

  6. From where you are

  7. Take me away

  8. Broken

  9. All of my life (just released! And Jason shared that this was written for his daughter - too cute)

  10. A place in the sand

  11. Here comes the sun

  12. Storm

  13. Between the raindrops

  14. Falling in

  15. Breathing

  16. Whatever it takes

  17. Let me be the one (a cover, made famous by a Filipino singer? Might not have full context on this one hoping a local might be able to explain)

  18. Come back down

  19. All in all

  20. Stanley (absolute SHIVERS)

  21. Spin (we all cry whispered in unison)

  22. Everything

  23. You and Me

  24. Blind

  25. Hanging by a moment

I also kinda blindly remembered to hit the record button for a bootleg audio sometime around Halfway Gone and may be able to split that up later when I get back home after the Singapore show; if anyone would like to listen :')


Wow this is quite the setlist! Also HE HAS A DAUGHTER! We’ve been speculating for a while so that’s such great news to hear. Very happy for him and his wife. Really brings this record full circle with O2S’ Windows.

Would absolutely love to hear the set if you’re willing to upload it!


Let Me be the One is a famous breakup song here in the Philippines. Jason did a fantastic cover assuming he just learned the song recently.

All of my life is really good, knowing he wrote it for his daughter adds more heart to it - https://youtu.be/H_W37rNLXcc?si=na6fb8NelZbB5SSI

I’m so happy they get to play Blind, which is really quite popular here. It’s amazing to see J and Steve’s reaction to the crowd.


Awww this is the best!!! Just saw marsyc’s vid online where Jason mentions his baby girl (I think he says Abbey) is 18 months old, so she would’ve been born December 2022. How wonderful. Really happy for him:)

Thanks so much for posting the set list. I like that they put in an Oz song as well as a solo Jason song. Stanley Climbfall would’ve been such a treat! And Come Back Down. Congrats on getting to see the show!


Awww this is so sweet and I’m so happy for them! Abbey makes sense because it sort of sounds like one part of Little Ocean (baby bee = baby Abbey?). The show looked like so much fun from what I’ve seen online! :blush:

Looks like Jay played a Singapore show too… anyone have the set list there?