Just launched a Holly Humberstone fan site

Holly Humberstone is a relatively new artist based out of the UK. She released her first EP in 2020 and her second this past November. She also just won the Brit Rising Star Award a few weeks ago and will be releasing her debut album sometime this year.

Her music style reminds me a bit of Noah Gundersen, particularly the Lover era. She’s become one of my favorite artists in the last year or so and I thought I would try and replicate the LHF site I’ve built to test its portability and flexibility.

The site is now live over at https://boredandignored.com (which is a reference to a lyric in her new song The Walls Are Way Too Thin). Facebook and Reddit have their purpose but I’m still in the belief that fan communities provide a much richer experience.

I love Holly Humberstone. All songs in her discography are hits in my opinion. Not a single miss. Have you heard her new single, London is Lonely? That is a good one too.

@snowfist I totally agree. Haven’t discovered an artist like that since the early days of Lifehouse. London is Lonely is phenomenal! She really has serious talent and since she won the BRITs Rising Star award I feel like her career is really going to take off quick.