Live Shows Download Links?

Hey i forgot this was here i made a mistake and posted my topic on the b-sides forum
but i’m curious if anybody has all of the Live shows in mp3 format but i specifically just want these that Terry Prusak uploaded on his Youtube channel thanks for you help if you guys can!

Lifehouse Pink Pop festival 2003
Lifehouse Pink Pop festival 2011
all pink pop etc
Lifehouse Disarray Tour 2008 Toledo, OH
Lifehouse Live Acoustic Concert from 99x
Lifehouse After 5 Live Acoustic Concert 2002
Lifehouse Live in Charlotte, NC May 22, 2009

i’m mostly curious if somebody has the intro and banter from this one i first mentioned

the rest of the uploads don’t have the banter

I have all but the 2002 After 5 Live. I thought I did but it may have been lost at some point. I’ll PM you tomorrow.

I recently bought a DVD containing the full video recording of Pinkpop ‘03 so I’ll have to cut it up into audio tracks first.

They only played ‘03 and ‘11 AFAIK.

  • Correction, I have 2007 Toledo, OH not 2008. This was still early on in the WWA-era though so you’ll have a good set. I also have an unknown recording from 2008 with a similar set list. One of our community members, dewey (live2cd), used to record a lot of those shows.

Awesome man also terry prusak was the one who uploaded all of those i mentioned i really want the original older Lifehouse shows to upload them to my channel just named Jonathan Bowman its the one with the pfp of the lifehouse members plus did the dvd include the intro and the banter i mean answer back that question when you are able to get to it thanks Shawn! through!

I’m fairly certain it was the full concert start to finish but I’ll check tomorrow night after work and let you know.

btw was those dead links done on purpose just so your older forum will be dead for real or he just left from the community or other reasons i also been wanting most of what he shared as well.

A lot of those links expired (mediafire). It’s hard finding a lot of that stuff these days because Lifehouse has been quiet for years which means the community isn’t very busy. A few of us try to keep things going but a lot of the stuff hosted elsewhere is lost to time.

okay i see well i’ll see you tomorrow :slight_smile:

i also have a question how come there is no Lifehouse Live Shows on the

but there was tons of Vertical Horizon Shows and Dave Matthews Band and some others

@shawn by the way how many Live shows do you have?

Hey guys does anyone have these?

Lifehouse Soundstage Live 2008
not sure if it has a name

but thanks guys if you can help!

Most the sites that had Lifehouse media weren’t archived (the media files). One site in particular (lifehouse-media I believe) was run by ezyeric in the mid-2000s.

@JonathanDisarray1 According to my library, I have 34 but I probably have a couple of more kicking around just not organized.

I have Soundstage 2008 and the unknown Live 2008 concert I have as well.

I haven’t had a chance to get these uploaded but hopefully this weekend.

also mind if i upload at least everyone or just a few to youtube i will credit whoever needs to be credited you and dewy or dewey i forget sometimes btw here’s the playlist for what i uploaded so far btw i hate to say it but there’s 2 reasons i want these is to listen to them out of my curiosity and to share them to my youtube channel.

Lifehouse Live Shows

btw edit this channel right here made me want to be in this community and introduced me to Vertical Horizon Go and Lifehouse other words he’s my inspiration.

hey guys is everybody alright?

hello guys so i just found this if anyone wants it after 5 Live then here it is

Merry Christmas Shawn and Everybody! :slight_smile:
LHDisarray Thread After 5 Live

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Thanks for pointing that out. I have that set but it’s not labeled After 5 Live but House of Blues 2003-02-26. It’s an acoustic set so it must be it.

Sorry Jon, busy couple of weeks. I’ll do my best to get these to you today.

well glad to see you return btw i already found at least 21 Live shows

Live shows missing a few
but i’m missing at least everything on youtube plus complete pink pop festival but to be in fact i downloaded pink pop 2003 but there’s only 1 issue the intro is missing everything besides the drumming so yeah also i found Rare & Unplugged as of late but if you don’t have some of these Live shows i will send them to you also that unknown concert was actually this one

2007-10-29 - Gatorz, Toledo, OH, USA

but the mystery is what was the 2008 disarray tour version?

I’ll have to check my Pinkpop 03 DVD and see if it had the intro. I’m fairly certain it did because I remember the announcer introducing the band. Sorry, been super busy with a new job and baby it’s been hard to get up here as often as I’d like.


Hey hey, congrats Shawn!! That’s so exciting,
! :blush:

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Thanks Robert! Ode to Silence has been a good, relaxing album my son and I listen to. Played that one on repeat for the first month lol