Midnight in Philadelphia

hi everyone - new to the board and i’m excited to check everything out.

anyway, i had a question about the song Midnight in Philadelphia. i really like this song and would love to get a high quality copy but i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

on another board, i saw that this was officially released but that might have been a mistake because i can’t find anything about it anywhere. if anyone can help, i’d greatly appreciate it. i’d prefer to try and purchase this if it was released but i’ll take it however i can get it (in a high quality file).

thank you all!

Hey, @phillyphanatic8. Welcome!

Midnight in Philadelphia was recorded in 2004 and released via the bands website on January 5, 2005.

See the original announcement here. This is the only recording we have of the song as of now. Jason said last year that he’s been working on a new record featuring some of Lifehouse’s earlier b-sides (Butterfly, Eighties, etc.) so perhaps he’ll re-record this one as well!

oh wow - i thought it was released in some official capacity. good to know. hope we get a new version at some point