New music: Augustana releases new single "Remedy"

Any Augustana fans on here? They (I think it’s just Dan these days) released a new single called “Remedy” last week. It’s a nice piano ballad reminiscent of their first two albums. Lyrically it’s fairly repetitive but it’s really a smooth track:

Thought I heard a sound like an echo
Just swirling 'round, holding me together like an old friend
I close my eyes, try to let go
Like waking from a dream and trying to find my way back in
It slips through the cracks again

Saw them live about 9 or 10 years ago at Mohegan Sun casino in CT. They did a free show in the Wolf’s Den and played a bunch of unreleased tracks which ended up making up Life Imitating Life. I got chills the first time I heard “American Heartbreak”. It was (and still is) my favorite song on that record.

@shawn aww, i used to listen to augustana! i’ll have to check this track out. i first saw them open for switchfoot in 2005, and again on their own in 2011. (had to consult my concert list for that, haha)

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