ØZWALD 2024 Thread

Do you guys think ØZWALD will release any songs/EP/album this year? I honestly think we won’t see any new release from them. Probably a few covers. I honestly really enjoyed the ELO EP cover, love how they put ØZWALD flavour to the classic songs.

Anyway, from the looks of Steve’s IG, I think he’s going to be focus on his solo record this year. Same goes to Jason, I guess. There are very few songs from Steve’s collection that I quite like like Exit/In, You Talk So Much and The Hitching Post but overall, it’s not really my cup of tea. Regardless, it’s great for them to keep being creative.

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Yeah, I also have the feeling there won’t be a ton of Øzwald activity this year (but I can always hope). Hopefully, though, that would mean that A Likely Story would come out sometime this year? (Hopefully not on New Year’s Eve)
Also, Jason posted on Instagram a while ago a picture captioned “Hello… goodbye” so that could be referencing the Beatles’ song, in which case he could be making a solo cover album or working on Øzwald Sings the Beatles Volume II… in the picture was one of those phone-microphones that Steve has used, so maybe it’s for Øzwald? :person_shrugging:
I’ve never listened to Steve’s solo music… whenever get the idea to listen to it I’m always super busy… but I’m going to take a listen right now…

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I tried to get into Steve’s debut but it just didn’t click for me. Neither did ØZ at first so I’ll give it another whirl.

I can imagine ØZ slowing down but I’m curious what they’ll be up to instead? They haven’t toured on their solo stuff so maybe Jay will be doing some writing for other artists? Not sure what Rick and Bryce are up to these days but some new Lifehouse would be nice.

I’d love another Future Wars-esque EP. I think everyone, including Jay and Steve, were kinda surprised with that one.


Ok so I speak too soon :laughing: They released a new single Misfits. Ohh this is really good! This is something a bit different, definitely has the same energy as Future Wars EP. Love the first and last part of this song especially the very last few seconds.

I don’t know if this song going to be a lead single of an album, but I’d listen for a album with the same sound, energy as Misfits.

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Haha, yes we were totally wrong but I’m so glad we were! I can’t listen to Misfits yet where I live, except for the little clip ØZWALD posted, but I’m so excited! :grin:

Edit: I just listened to it, and I love it! It does remind me a lot of Future Wars EP (they even say the words “future war” near the beginning of Misfits)

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