Stanley Climbfall - 20th Anniversary is this year!

As you all know, the 20th anniversary of Stanley Climbfall is only 8 months away (9/17). I’m working on something special for the site to commemorate it and would like to include the community in this.

If anyone has any photos from the SCF-era (live, photos with the band, etc.) that they’d like to share, please post it here or send me a message. I’d like to do more things this year to celebrate the anniversary. If more people join the community, I’d like to have some kind of contest to give away some kind of SCF merch (official or fan made). Feel free to send me your ideas!

I’ve come across a little over a hundred (official!) pictures from this era that I’ll be using in this project and hope to have it ready in the next couple of months.

Anyone recognize this photoshoot? :wink:


@shawn Sweet! This era had some of my favourite packaging that the band ever did… very early 2000s but pretty cool. I’m not sure if your hundred photos are from the end of the SC DVD, but years back I tried to screenshot as many as I could and put them in a folder – it’s here if they’re helpful!

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@robert Yep, you nailed it. 137 pictures to be exact. I was able to extract each frame of the video at the end. Quite a lot of photos, some clearly fillers though.

I agree; as far as artwork/colors/branding go, SCF was my favorite era (I wish they kept the slanted H in the logo). I’m super excited to make something of it.

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wow, 20 years. definitely my favorite era too. i should have some photos i took back around that time… i first saw them live in dec 2002, but those photos are rubbish. i should have some decent ones starting in 2003 though.

also, i still keep in touch with sean, so maybe i can see if he has anything?

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@cayte03 That’s awesome! What is he up to these days? He had such a genuine and humble attitude that I really admired. Never got to meet him unfortunately.

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@shawn yeah he’s a good dude. he actually has put out some of his own music, and plays with another guy in a group called princess, princess. he also does session work for other people. he’s on instagram if you want to follow him:

Just followed him, that’s cool! I see he’s put out some music recently. I’ll have to check that out as well.

Do you remember why he left the band? Or even Serg? I’ve forgotten some of those details over the years.

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@shawn nice! yeah check it out. i like his solo stuff.

i don’t really remember either… i think he just wanted to do different things? seems like he enjoys a variety of projects.

Oh man, I’m going to go through some photos. I definitely have some.

Literally as I’m typing this, HBAM comes on the radio as the “Friday flashback.”

Glad to see so many familiar names on here! Keep it up, everyone

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Also, I’m hoping there’s some form of a reissue. Maybe a vinyl release. I’d kill for that and for a couple of songs mixed to be a little less muddy.

Hell, break out the outtakes and maybe we could hear a studio cut of Climb.

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Does anyone have some high resolution concert photos from the SCF era? Looking to use them on the website and credit will be provided!

Does anyone recall some SCF-era b-sides that were played live? Climb was first introduced in mid/late 2001 which I believe was around the time when they introduced Take Me Away. Winds of Change, maybe?