Stanley Climbfall Goodies!

Hey everyone! With Stanley Climbfall’s 20th anniversary just 3 weeks away, I wanted to go ahead and share some things I’ve been sitting on specifically for this occasion.

SCF Promo Poster

I have an original copy of this that I was able to scan in and stitch all the scans together. Keep in mind, this image is to scale (18" x 24") and can be printed to make your own poster.

Download: (29.1 MB)

Instrumental Version

I found an interesting piece of open source software that can be used to separate the vocals from the instrumentation in a song. I went ahead and extracted the instruments from each of the 14 tracks to make these instrumental versions.

If you’re a guitar player and learn songs by ear, this is pretty invaluable. If you’re not, it’s still a fun listen. You hear things in the mix you don’t normally hear.

Download: (133 MB)
Download: (404 MB)


These are already posted on the main site already but I thought I’d mention it here anyway. There are three official SCF-era wallpapers as well as three I made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Stanley Climbfall.

Download: (4.4 MB)

@shawn WOW!!! So cool – thanks for doing all of this. In the instrumental tracks I’m already noticing so many little intricacies that got covered up by the vocals; listening to the title track right now and there are some beautiful strings that I never quite focused on with the original recording. Excited to dig further into these :wink:


@shawn thanks Shawn! This is so cool. Stanley Climbfall is my absolute favourite from them, melody and instrument wise. I just love the post-grunge, not-too-polished sound.

Just listened to Anchor, man this is just perfect. This album will be on regular playlist that’s for sure.


@shawn ohh and btw shawn do you happen to have Out of Breath as well? :grimacing: I didn’t see the track in the zip

@snowfist oh that’s weird! I’ll fix it when I get back to my laptop.

Glad you guys are enjoying this! This record definitely has a lot to offer instrumentally.

Edit: both zip files are fixed to include OOB. Thanks for letting me know!


I was doing some research for a post on SCF and came across an interview with MTV… Lifehouse recorded 20 tracks for SCF. As you can guess, six were scrapped… I wonder what six those are!

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Interesting to see Jason rate My Previous as his favourite of the album. It’s my least liked song of the album. In fact, if My Previous were to be replaced by Wish, it would’ve been an excellent album, IMO.

Damn really? I love My Precious. I feel like Wish should’ve been a hidden track at the very least. I remember other bands at the time incorporating these hidden tracks after several minutes of silence following the last track.

Just listened to My Precious again and noticed the drums and lead guitar feel very “Walking Away”-ish. Hmm

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Very cool find! They say “14 tracks” made the album, meaning they’re including SIF Acoustic, so perhaps the Spin EP acoustic versions of Spin and Wash are part of the 20. That leaves four… Climb, ‘Walking Man’, maybe Wish, and something else perhaps?

Very surprised to see My Precious as his favourite too. I always found it too weird to come near the end of the album, but it’s grown on me a lot over the years and is one of my higher-ranked songs from that era nowadays. I always thought the real missed opportunity was bonus-tracking How Long, which I think along with Wash is the best song from those sessions :wink:

J performed an acoustic version of Wash for Instagram to mark the anniversary the other day, and it was beautiful. Really took the song to its most basic essence. It sure stands the test of time!

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Oh yeah! I remember reading an article once about them playing Walking Man at a sound check. Was there ever any other info on that one?

I really liked J’s solo version of Wash. That song is a gem and a nice way to breathe new life into it.

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