The article that says that Jason already has a baby! 👶

The strange a feelings for me when I read it, so strange and I don’t understand it. I feel joy and at the same something sadness, why don’t I understand? I even cried, but it was definitely from joy, especially when I listen the song “All of my life”
What do you think about it article? It must been truth and then it means his baby was born in 2022 september )


That’s an awesome read, thank you for sharing that! I believe his daughter was born in December ‘22 (18mo from June ‘24). So happy for him!

I really hope to see videos of the solo/ØZ tracks since this is probably the only time they’ve ever been played live (and acoustic!).

Also, welcome to LHF!

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Thank you! But I’m ready to bet. The article was published in early June and at that time she was 18 months old, so in September she should be 2 years old.
Sorry, it seems to me I was tired today and owerworked :scream: :laughing: You right! Of course December.

Thank you for sharing that article!

For convience’s sake:

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