What Are You Listening To?

Just listened to James Morrison’s Greatest Hits. A singer-songwriter from UK. One of my fav artist, been following him since his first album. Some songs are a bit overproduced I think, like Too Late For Lullabies, This Boy; stripping its raw feeling from the songs. But I guess I can always listen to the original ones.

Anyone here also listen to James Morrison?

Also, share what are you listening to. I’m always searching for new music, artists, and acts to listen to.

I haven’t listened to James Morrison before but I really do enjoy music based out of Eastern Europe/the UK. It has a kind of refreshing quality to it that American music is lacking for me personally.

Emily Burns
Holly Humberstone
Ed Sheeran
Mimi Webb

I’ve been in a rut the last several months with music. There for a while, in 2021, there was a lot of really good releases but in 2022 it seems to have slowed down.

I’ve found a few good tracks lately, though:

Kody West - Green
The Satellite Station - Only Human & Shelter

Been listening to some older Our Lady Peace as well. Some other artists I’ve enjoyed are Austin Plaine (self-titled release) and anything by Gregory Alan Isakov.

Well for me, I found out few new artists that like this year - Sierra Eagleson, Luke Sital-Singh, Delilah Montagu. Try check out I Miss You (Blind 182 cover) by Sierra and her brother, feels like a totally new song.

There were some albums that I’ve enjoyed too these past few months like Muse’s Will of The People being the most recent one, Paolo Nutini’s Last Night in the Bittersweet (almost all tracks are excellent-very good), Harry Style’s As It Was and Maggie Rogers’ Surrender.