What is going on with lifehouse?

Anyone know why we are not getting a new album? Have they gone their own ways and are now done with lifehouse? I’m at the point of giving up waiting.

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Welcome to LHF! There has been no official announcement of disbanding Lifehouse, though all of the guys are working on other projects these days.

They put out Goodbye Kanan at the end of 2021, which is their latest release. I get your frustration, though. I loved the 2-3 year cycle Lifehouse was on up until OOTW in 2015.

You can give up on waiting if you want, but not giving up is essentially the same. Just set your expectations. Explore some of the other side projects and follow the guys on Instagram to keep tabs. I’m sure eventually we’ll get something again. Everyone needs a break now and again; and hopefully they’ll all return with a renewed interest.

Personally, I’d recommend Jason’s solo stuff as well as his Time Machine club. He’s releasing a lot of older demos and stuff that’s pretty awesome.

Hope you’ll stick around and join the conversations!

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Shawn said it all. They don’t “owe” us any music.

Maybe the single thing I respect the most about Jason is that he’s never been someone to make a record just because he feels he has to. In countless interviews he’s said he “doesn’t make the same record twice”, meaning he never phones it in when he doesn’t feel it himself because between one record and the next, he’s grown and changed as a person.

I mentioned this in another thread, but Goodbye Kanan came out in 2021 and I believe was mostly recorded in 2017. Since then, life circumstances changed and ØZWALD took over as the creative outlet he most connected with, as well as his solo work. He dove into both passionately, learned a bunch of instruments, and as I wrote in another thread, released 10 records’ worth of material in that time. If we respect his creativity, the only time we should be disappointed that he’s “given up” is if it’s on music in general — which is very much not the case.

I personally can’t say I see him doing another Lifehouse album anytime soon, but who knows! He has more solo music coming out if his ØZWALD side project isn’t your thing. And if you’re pining for old Lifehousey stuff, the Time Machine is your best bet. Plus, nobody’s taking Lifehouse records away from anybody — they’re still there for your enjoyment:)

Hope you enjoy the forum!!


For me really I came in the whole fan base last year or wait was it last year late last year or early this year not sure but I been a fan since 2021 I think but still not sure I first found who we are in goodwill and loved it right away disarray is my true favorite song but I been wanting to see if Lifehouse made their much newer albums on CD I don’t recall they did but if you want more Lifehouse to binge I have quite a bit of Live shows and b-sides pm me if interested but for the bands sake i can’t provide the b-sides but i haven’t been here long neither welcome! Also I installed the app I never knew there was one until now I’m using it too!

Yes, all LH releases are available on CD except for Goodbye Kanan. You can probably get these pretty cheap on Amazon’s marketplace. Check out their CD singles from the NNF/SCF/LH albums. Some b-sides/alt versions in there.

Which app did you install? We don’t have an official one but there is a Discourse app that is essentially a wrapper around the forum. I tried it for notifications but it never worked well. :person_shrugging:

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well the app is called LH fans it pop up while i was on my phone on the browser maybe its this forum social media thing you used to make it with idk

He doesn’t owe us anything? Huh? What kinds of nonsense is that? Every band owes their fans. If it wasn’t for the fans there would band. We support them with out love and money so they can create more and not work a regular job. This has always pissed me off about bands. Guns & roses is another. They make millions of dollars a yr from their fans and have given us nothing for decades.

I don’t follow you. You can pay to see a show. You can pay for music or merch, which you get to keep. How do they owe us? It’s your choice to be a fan.

Jay’s new the Time Machine is a great way to support him and get some super awesome content. If it’s not for you, no need to subscribe.

No artist owes me anything. I enjoy their music and will support them because of that. That’s what a fan does. Feeling entitled does not a fan make.

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This is an interesting point you’re making @Findingmyway. It’s a philosophical question about the music “business”, versus music as purely creative expression.

As an artistically-minded person, sometimes I try to fit into other artists’ shoes. I did a series of drawings and paintings in high school and undergrad that I’m proud of — pencil crayon renderings of photographs I’d taken, and oil paintings of landscapes that were meaningful to me. And I had some “fans” in my friends and family that enjoyed them and suggested I make more. Over time, my creative output shifted to other mediums. Model making in architecture school, a little bit of songwriting here and there, digital drawings… as a creative human, these things now call to me because they’re what I feel like making and they’re a way for me to output my emotions. The creative things I do are how I express myself and what’s happening in my head in the truest way I can, without worrying about having to fit in a box or cater to what someone wants me to make, and that’s most of what makes them any good. I have a short time on this earth like everyone else, and always try to stay authentic to who I am at a given point.

I really feel that my favourite artists are the same. Jason has never been someone to treat making music as a “job” that has to be completed whether he likes it or not; rather it’s a tool for him to express emotions he’s feeling, ways of seeing the world at whatever point in his life he is in. And his music has remained high quality because of just that — they’re true and real to him in that moment.

Øzwald and his solo music seem to be that right now for him, the way he can authentically make music given his current situation. I think a new, softer Lifehouse album would be amazing, getting Ricky and Bryce back in the studio with him and Steve and having Chris Lord-Alge mix and master it the way they did their older stuff. But I don’t hold that against him for the same reason I enjoy his art, and the art of my other favourite artists: I want to consume art that was made with love, an authentic representation of its maker’s condition. If Lifehouse isn’t that for J right now, then as a fan of his artistic expression I’m following him to see what is:)