What track list do you hope/think we'll see for A Likely Story?

So far we have several confirmed tracks that have either been released on the Time Machine or publicly. There has also been the mention of recording others.

  • A Likely Story
  • What Happens Next
  • Little Ocean
  • Chucky Blondin
  • Leonard Cohen Nights
  • All of My Life *
  • Pips
  • Butterflies and Parachutes
  • Eighties
  • Goodnight

* denotes Time Machine only as of 4/28/2024
† confirmed to be recorded for A Likely Story
‡ mentioned as potentially being on A Likely Story

That brings us to a total of 10 tracks. He mentioned at one point (one of the live streams, I think) that he’s expecting this to be released around August/September.

What does everyone else think? Any songs you hope will make it? Something new that we don’t know about yet perhaps? Or an old b-side that resurfaces?

Oh I didn’t remember Goodnight was potentially to be in A Likely Story. That’s one of my absolute fav of the Time Machine, solely because of its lyrics. Sometimes it amazed me how Jason as young lad can wrote such lyrics.

On the tracklist, personally I’d love to see new songs as I think we’re going to listen old b-sides either way in the Time Machine someday. But I’m a happy man too if old b-side up end in the album.

That said, reckon this gonna be an excellent album from start to finish, like Ode to Silence :smile:


It would be really, really cool if Blyss’ Stand was to be featured. Love that track. Don’t think it fits thematically/sonically though.

That would be cool! Even as a Time Machine release.

Have you heard the studio cover of Stand by Pottersfield? It’s a bit slower than the live F.K.A. version we have.

This is going to be a cool album… a real mix of old and new, with lyrical spanning Jason’s whole life. Curious what the tracklist order will be with this group. Will he make it chronological, or bounce around to reflect on his life changes? Who knows!

I could hear it going something like:

A Likely Story
Butterflies & Parachutes
Chucky Blondin
What Happens Next
Little Ocean
All of My Life
Leonard Cohen Nights

LCN seems like a really solid closer, although Goodnight is the obvious choice. I do think the “lie lie lie” at the end of Goodnight could echo the same refrain at the end of the title track if he puts that one up front, but we’ll find out this fall! It’s a funky group of songs, something feels like there are one or two we don’t know about and a few he won’t include after all. I somehow doubt both Eighties and Goodnight will be on this record but I’d love for that to be the case:)