Jason launches "the Time Machine" with exclusive content!

It looks as though that the third solo album we thought would contain some older LH-era b-sides, has transformed into a new fan club/subscription service via Allswell Records. For $8 per month, Jason is offering exclusive personal photos, demos and reimaged versions of LH songs in his newly launched the Time Machine.

Sign up now and you can get the very first reimaged track: Wash. He’s also posted a couple of photos presumably from the SCF-era as well.

Here’s his introductory post (also shared on Instagram, so I’m posting here):

What is ‘the Time Machine’ say you? Funny you should ask. I’d like to tell you what it is. This is a place, a safe place, where you can hear some unreleased demos that are up to 20+ years old, watch acoustic live performances (not on YouTube, and I will be taking some requests from time to time), see old personal tour photos, and get a look behind the curtain of my creative/songwriting process. All of this content will be here for you to enjoy exclusively on ‘the Time Machine’.

I’ve also been working on some reImagine’d versions of my favorite Lifehouse songs that will be exclusive to the Time Machine, really excited to share those. I’m going to have new stuff up about every two weeks. Really looking forward to getting this thing started. Okay, good talk.


Can’t wait to see what other tracks he’s going to share. I love, love, love the early LH-era so I’m super stoked. The re-imagined version of Wash is absolutely beautiful!

If you’re interested, you can sign up here.


This is the news every long-time Lifehouse fan has dreamed of haha. I’ve taken part in a few of these artist subscriptions over the years (Switchfoot, Matt Nathanson) and for those who can’t quite stretch the cost, buying every couple of months and downloading everything at once is a good work-around. I’ve signed up and can’t wait to get these tracks in my inbox every two weeks. This Wash is lovely.

Well said (and good suggestion)! I subscribe to a few podcasts monthly and I’m happy to support content that I enjoy listening to. This is definitely on that list.

Maybe we’ll see some familiar names show up here again, too!

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This is what I’ve been dreaming for quite a while. I’ve said this on the Lifehouse bsides forum before, it’d be a dream come for true for Jason to reimagine old Lifehouse hits like what Snow Patrol did with their Reworked album. Can’t believe the day is finally here haha.

Really enjoyed this rendition of Wash and looking forward to hearing more.

I’m looking forward a bit more to the unreleased demos than reworked of older songs.

Also, do you reckon we’ll hear another version of Dragonflies here? That’s also another song that I’m curious to listen

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I wonder! Dragonflies seems like it’d be a great track if you could make it out.

I remember Jay mentioning an acoustic version after it was released so this seems like a good possibility!

Hopefully we’ll see some unreleased tracks from the NNF sessions. The b-sides we have gotten over the years are absolutely incredible.

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has anyone joined up yet? are the tracks streaming or can they be downloaded? i’m going to join but just haven’t had the chance yet.

So far it’s just Wash – the songs cannot be downloaded easily from the website (you have to listen through the player), but there’s a work-around I discovered. If I open it on my phone, it opens as just the file, and if I copy and paste that URL into my computer I can right click and save the file. This is on a Mac and an iOS device though – your mileage may vary on other devices!

Now I can save it to my iTunes and enjoy:)


I also managed to download the file using wget. I wish he provided a way to download these or purchase the tracks instead of a subscription model… I’m very happy to support him this way but I also want these tracks for as long as every piece of hardware I save them to exists :smiley:

@robert’s method is probably the easiest since mobile browsers load MP3s differently (as a dedicated page rather than embedded in the main page).

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The video for Wash is up on the Time Machine now - an acoustic version very similar to the reimagined one. Just the most gorgeous singing:)

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I created an account on allswell records/time machine, but i don’t have a creditcard like more europeans doesn’t have, so i can’t pay for it. Even if i want to, to support him :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey, @disarray4! Check your PMs…

Thanks for the heads up @robert, I didn’t realize something new was up already… figured it would be another two weeks.

Maybe one of these days I’ll sit down and tab this out since you can see everything. Very beautifully performed!

Edit: Just saw his Instagram post… he’s posting a 20 year old demo tomorrow (Monday, July 17)!

I built a bot that will reply to this thread as soon as a new release is out (checking every 30 minutes). Be sure to subscribe to this thread if you want a notification!

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A new release has been detected:

Title: Dear Mr. Tumnus
URL: https://www.allswellrecords.com/dear-mr-tumnus


I remember seeing Dear Mr Tumnus on the OG LHF site in the early 2000s… I think there were a few tracks rumored to be part of a Mr Tumnus project. Based on Jason’s story, it doesn’t seem like there was a project necessarily.

He posted a video on Instagram to promote this release which shows several demo tapes/CDs.

Some titles I noticed on the CD:

  • Climb
  • You Me & the Peeps
  • Take 2
  • Just Another Name
  • Shiny Silver Beast
  • Mr Tumnus
  • Human (?)
  • Fragile (?) World
  • Belly (?) King

Kind of gives some context to when these songs were written (probably around 01/02?)

Take 2 immediately had me thinking of Take the Weight… fingers crossed for that one!


I wrote down that same list too :wink: I suspect Take 2 is a second take of You and Me but TWA would be awesome… the timing would make sense. Or Take Me Away? That was written around the same time as Climb?

It’s interesting Y&M is in this list given it was written in 1999 or 2000, over a year prior to everything else. I know the story is that Jason proposed to his wife with it, but that would’ve been at least a year before this batch. I also find it interesting Just Another Name is one of the earliest tracks from SCf - never knew that. I figured Take Me Away was the earliest song of that group given it was written Sept 2001.

Incredible we get to hear Dear Mr Tumnus after 20 years. It’s interesting to hear Jason write a song like that so early in his career, since it feels pretty different than his Blyss and NNF work at the time (closer to the pre-yellow record). His songwriting really evolved from 2001 and 2003 in this regard. Also surprised just how many lyrics there are in the song… it’s a lot of words!

A new release has been detected:

Title: The Edge / Joshua / Unknown - Medley
URL: https://www.allswellrecords.com/the-edge-joshua-unknown-medley

Very nicely done! As close to a studio acoustic version of The Edge we’ve heard so far. He mentioned on Instagram that these songs are the deepest of the deep cuts… gives me new appreciation of Unknown.

Still waiting on pins and needles for Eighties… :upside_down_face:

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A new release has been detected:

Title: Chucky Blondin - Official Video
URL: https://www.allswellrecords.com/chucky-blondin-video

So we were wrong - a third studio album is coming!!

Chucky Blondin is a great song, definitely new melody territory for Jason. Love the production, excited for the next record.

Anyone else get Taylor Swift vibes in the chorus vocals? In a very good way.

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That’s awesome news! I listened to Chucky Blondin a few times today. It looks like the track references Charles Blondin, a tightrope walker and acrobat from the 1800s. I’m very curious to know what the inspiration for that was. Such a unique subject for a song!

I’m listening again but I don’t get a Taylor Swift vibe myself. Anything in particular that brings that to mind? Nothing jumped out at me except for a rather, seeming unnatural transition from verse to chorus. Overall, I do like this and I especially like the way the bass pops out.

Does anyone else experience a “pop” or “stutter” around the 2m and 4m marks? Can’t tell if it’s my stream or the audio.