What's next for LifehouseFans?

I’ve been thinking about touching up the site and community a bit. In the past, the look was themed to match whatever album era we were in. Since it’s been nearly 10 years since the last album (not counting the Goodbye Kanan EP) I’m curious what everyone is interested in doing next?

Personally, I’m leaning a little bit into the nostalgia (when don’t I?!) and I’m thinking of doing something in the vein of the OG LifehouseFans site (DLD theme?) that Erica and Jeff ran back in the late 90s/early 00s with a modern spin on it.

However, the 20th anniversary is coming up for the S/T era so that could be something too. Here’s a look back at the S/T-era official site.

So what does everyone think?

The next LifehouseFans theme
  • OG LifehouseFans
  • Goodbye Kanan era
  • Self-Titled era
  • Other (comment below)
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Let’s paint this site yellow! Haha but I guess it fits when we’re near the S/T anniversary.

Another suggestion is to have a theme that able to reflect this post-Lifehouse era we’re in? With music of Jason’s, ØZWALD, old-demo being resurfaced, live acoustics etc. Not sure how this can be visualized though.


That’s a fantastic idea! Good out of the box thinking lol

I’ve actually grown to like the artistic style they’re into now. I’m not really sure what to call it though. I’ve seen the style used by Frank Moth, especially in their Retrica and Nostalgic Escapism collection.

I also have no idea how to implement such a design here - but it’s worth a try!

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@peppermint brought up the suggestion of starting a YouTube channel over here. I think any way of “advertising” this site to get fans reconnected like we used to be, would be great.

I think it’d be a safe bet (or a terrible assumption?) that any non-purchasable content could be shared there. I have the old SCF DVD that could be uploaded there and perhaps some live footage I bought from some questionable sites. Open to ideas/suggestions!

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Throwing some ideas here on what to put on YouTube channel.

  • Live videos
  • Media interviews
  • SCF/Everything DVD
  • Promo

Personally, I’d love to see live performances during pre or during NNF/SCF the most though. I always enjoyed see how different the band perform in its early days. Like this live performance there’s a cool outro to Only One, first time hearing it :star_struck:


man i was just thinking about your older site from 90s 2002 i would love to have it back if there is a way i like the look of the lifehouse b-sides and here but man the 2002 one or 1999 one would be cool… music fans needs more forums. like these bands for example

Friends of train (2005/2006) Pat monahan’s band
Five for fighting The Battle for Everything forum (Which was also taking down)

but its whatever you want and others votes but still pretty cool idea overall.

Edit: i did not see the touching the current site part still cool idea is there anyway of changing the code of this one to css like the older days or that will be too much just wondering?

I love love love Only One!

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The theme we’re using here is modified CSS on the default Discourse theme. The main site is also a modified Ghost template (Liebling).

I’d only consider modifying an existing template using some CSS only because it can be time consuming and my job can be pretty demanding.

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